chitter chatter

Some days I just can't come up with any good entry titles , sorry! Anyhow, what's on my agenda for today? First and for most I'm running out to pick up DH Joe's birthday presents , his birthday is tomorrow and tomorrow also starts the first day of his week long holiday from work so we've got some fun stuff planned for the next week as well, looking forward to that. We both agree that "Without a Paddle" will have to be seen because it just looks like the funniest movie and we're both looking forward to that. I've had some cool new goodies trickling in throughout the day so it's been a good mail day so after I get Joe's gift I'll start to work on lot's of bridal orders and a few custom orders for Mother of the Brides and then some new stuff for TUESDAY! Remember, Tuesdays the update day, new items every Tuesday...ok let's not get me started on that again lol! I have a really pretty new set of sage and copper greens and just all around pretty fall colors that I've been torching away at all last night and today I'll finish it because tomorrow I should be getting a shippment of all new glass and other cool supplies when that happens I have to give myself a couple of play days to have fun with all the new stuff! The next Tuesdays specials for Bead Happy should be pretty interesting to see what I came up with. Ok I gotta run and do the presents buying thing and then I'll be back for more chitter chatter later on! have a great day!


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