Saturday, July 17, 2004

Weekend Update

Happy Saturday! I'll be pulling the winner of the Saturday Giveaway later today, thank you so much for all of your votes I really appreciate a lot. I hope you all are having better weather than here today:( It's been raining all night and on and off showers but oh well I'm throwing on my poncho and heading out to do some garden work outside rain or shine. The sun looks like it's trying to peek through so hopefully it'll be a nice afternoon and evening because we have a Hawaiian Luau to go to tonight, Luau attire required too so it should be lot's of fun I picked up the coolest looking shirt for Joe too since it's easier for women to find something tropical looking to wear:) TOOL TIME: yes my tool time went awesome! I've made about a million (ok not quite that many...) tiny button lentils with the new masher and it's so addicting because you can't really mess it up! So then I added jumbo flowers on both sides and there it was a flower button bead. So the new set that is going up on ebay either tonight or tomorrow sometime. It is my most favorite set yet! These are my new favorite color combos , you wouldn't think they would work but they are very yummy together. (Olive & Coral with latticino twistie work details!) So far it's a set of 12 with everything from lentils, pillow beads, dot's bumpies, flowers, swirls you name it! I'm not sure if I'll add anymore beads to it by tomorrow because I'm keeping some for myself for a cool bracelet:) but there will be a smaller set for the buy now page later on. Ok well I'm ganna head out and go help Joe outside for a bit before we need to get cleaned up and hoola outta here! :)

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