Caribbean Treasures lampwork set is now up on ebay! I was sweating buckets finishing this set up but it was driving me nuts because I couldn't wait to use the latticino cane that I used for this set. It's like ribbons of aqua and lavender blowing in the breeze that's what the details look like in this one! It's gorgeous and it really gives the beads a lot of movement so I sweated it out and finished it.  I love the little flower button beads they're flat but then the big raised flowers are on both sides and they are just adorable beads and so much fun to make.
It has cooled down soooooo much today it's un-real! The whole weekend is supposed to be like this! :) Hooray! because we've got our last load of stones coming in early morning to finish up the landscaping and so we're excited to get that complete, it's been a lot of work but fun. The rest of the day I think we're going to  head out of town for a night out and some shopping fun.

So tonight I'll be working on custom orders so don't expect another new set tomorrow or anything...well, maybe but I'm not promising anything :)


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