stormy stormy night

The big storms are rolling in tonight. Should make for a cozy, cuddly reading night my favorite!:) Not much to chat about I've been working on pictures of all the new items for the new site and that's about all I'll keep doing until I tuck up in bed. Oh and making more "Embrace" bracelets because those are all sold out now but I'm not putting SOLD OUT on them because I'll have at least 2 more made tonight hopefully so don't fret if that is one that's on your wishlist and if it is then GO VOTE cause I'm giving away a pair of earrings that match in the Saturday Giveaway Contest!

Fresh from the flame news: Another creation is up and coming soon. I feel like a mad scientist lately when I get in the studio looking at all my beautiful glass colors and deciding what to create next lol! This next one is going to be a colorful and bright one. I'm undecided on whether to save it for the bead happy buyables page or put it up for auction. I'll have to sleep on it and see how the rest of the set goes.
Sweet Dreams!


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