Sleepy time note

Ok so the new set I just finished will be up on eBay tomorrow some time probably in the afternoon so I can try to get some good lighting for pics. Hopefully this gloomy weather will clear up for some good light.  It's such a cool set! That's all I did tonight at the torch was finish up that set cause then I got sucked into Outback Jack, what a show! I'm a reality TV freak. I don't watch much TV I have certain shows that I love and that's it but every once in a while a nice cheesy reality TV show will hook me and this summer it's Outback Jack. I haven't even caught the newest Big Brother yet I hear lot's about it but have yet to sit down and watch, oh well for now I'm happy with the hottie aussie and the goofy, whiny bimbo's lol! Joe's working OT tonight so I'm headed off to burn the midnight oil on a new necklace I've been working on and then I'll tuck up in bed to read until he gets home.  For those who are curious or are bookworms like me. : What am I reading?- Two for the Dough : A Stephanie Plum mystery by Janet Evanovich. One for the Money was fantastic and hilarious and so far Two is terrific as well I'm going to definitely continue reading the whole series. My day time read is currently Drowning Ruth - Christina Schwartz a more serious, heavy read but good so far as well.  Have a good night!


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