quickie update

I got really carried away last night and got a lot done. There are going to be so many new earrings going up soon. Certain items I am able to keep the components in stock to keep the items available and others are harder to keep stocked up and some will be competely one of a kind not just on the earrings but on everything else as well because larger pieces are even harder to re create over and over.  But I'm just so excited for you to see all the new items I've been working on. I'll keep you all updated on when those new items will become available for purchase. Fun at the torch last night! I've got a really cute new set that should be ready to go up on ebay tomorrow. I'm going to have to make a few extra for myself because I know I will be wearing them around my wrist come next week and if I don't make them now then I'll pout about it later :)  This set is going to look really awesome with lot's of silver and the colors are a year around , never goes out of style look. You'll see what I mean soon. So this is just a quickie chat I'll hopefully have time to chat some more later this evening and I'll keep you posted on when the new set goes up.


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