New Tool Dance! Yippy!

Yup, I'm doing the "New Tool Dance" today! I just love good mail days! I'm ganna have to give myself another fun night at the torch because I cannot wait to experiment! The plan I have to try tonight with this thing is little flower button beads, a bit hard to explain but I'm going to throw a few in the river rocks set and post a pic and then do some other ones for the buy now page as well unless I'm getting way to far ahead of myself and they're harder to do than I thought  lol!  But I'm thinking I have a plan of attack and it should pan out well at least it does in my head :) I still have pillow press beads to incorporate into sets too I know you all have been yelling at me to hurry up already with more pillow beads and they're on their way I promise but the pillow press stamp I've been playing with since May I think I may have been one of the lucky ones in the very first shipment because it was an early b-day present for me:) So this new tool will probably keep me busy for a few months as well until the next cool new gadget hits the market, right? lol! Actually I've already set my sights on one I'll have to keep an eye out on the production end and see when I can get my hands on that one too.  So in non- lamp bead news, my new favorite Swarovski crystals colors are the cool new Pacific Opals, Violet Opals and the Cantaloupe. I'm working on adding them to the color chart as well. As soon as those become available in the corner drilled 8mm cubes you can be sure that the Terri bracelet will be available in those colors as well :) Also I have just discovered that Swarovski makes collars! They are the cutest things I've ever seen, I'm thinking I may have to bling up my cats soon :) I'll probably blog again later tonight after I play with the new tool a bit plus Marsha should be back hopefully tonight but probably super late tonight and I just know I'll be getting a late night phone call to confirm that I did indeed remember to record Sex and the City and Outback Jack. (See I told you I wouldn't forget, silly! )


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