New auction up...

I settled on "Big Top Brights" for the name cause the more I looked at it with the all the color variations and the stripes etc that's what they remind me of so HERE they are! I'm on a roll with a head full of creativity this week so if the temps keep cooling down I  may get to finish a really pretty aqua set tonight because I'm not sure how much torch time I'll be able to set aside for "me time" on top of filling orders so we'll see.
I'm also still working on pictures of new items and it's really hard getting good pics of Bridal collection pieces! Swarovski Crystals are blindingly gorgeous and sparkly in person but it's hard to get them to picture well especially because I mostly use Crystal AB or Crystal Clear especially for the website pictures so you guys can see the style and types of crystals used and then customize them using whatever colors you need them in but jeez are they ever hard to photograph. So just trust me, if you have never seen Swarovski Crystal jewelry in person they are  100 time more drop dead gorgeous in person and you will get a never ending slew of compliments on them everywhere you go and they looks very glam in the evening and very stylish and chic even with jeans and a t shirt in the grocery store I'm not kidding you.
signing off for the night and heading up to see what I can get done. Nite, Nite!


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