Monday, July 19, 2004

Monday, Monday

I'm not a big fan of Mondays I must say it saddens me to see Monday come around after a fun weekend but then I get excited again after I see what all I have planned for the week for myself:)  I managed to get everything done that I needed to last night, hooray! As we speak there are parcels of beads and jewelry headed all over the country, actually it's pretty exciting when I think about it like that :) Tonight's plans include lot's of beading both for orders and for new jewelry for the new site.  As for torch time that'll happen much much later at least until I get the vital stuff that needs to be complete out of the way.  I have been having so much fun at the torch this weekend! It's much funner to sneak in a couple of non order beads in between because I've finally gotten a lot more play time with what seems like my never ending supply of Latticino twisties (Thank you Mona!!!!) I've never see so many gorgeous colors! I find myself sitting there and having a really tough time trying to choose which cane I'd like to use next! The olive and coral colors I used for the "River" set on ebay I was so suprised to find a Lat. cane that went perfectly to use because the Olive and Coral where specialty hand mixed and pulled canes. Plus the Lat.'s are fun to leave wrapped like a rope raised on the glass beads but I'm finding that I like to create my raised design with them and then melt them in because leaving them raised it like "Ok, that's cool!" but when they are melted in they encase in the bead and it's hard to tell where they start or where they end and how the heck the design was made, it just looks very magical to me for some reason. It may sound weird but if you saw them in person you'd see what I meant.  So anyhow I'm on a Latticino bead craze now:) (Mona, you may be hearing from me sooner that we thought lol!!!) 

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