Is it Monday already?

This weekend flew by! Hope you all had as fantastic of a weekend as I did. Early Sat. we got all the landscaping done and it looks fantastic so all there is is to sit back and see if any weeds can get through all those layers of plastic and stones :) I did not get a chance to get any new sets made at the torch but I did manage to fill jewelry orders so I could get a good shipment out for tomorrow's post office run, so watch your mailboxes, goodies are on the way:) I made a stop off this weekend to what I now like to refer to as the Little Happy Place which is a great small diamond in the rough bead supplier  of mine  it's a bit of a long trek but always worth the drive and picked up some fantastic new bali silver and a few other goodies that I've been itching to get. Tonight I'm going to sit with my idea book for a bit and see if I can get some of my designs from sketches to reality if they look as good in real life as they do when I sketched them then you can be sure to look for some really great new necklaces soon. So that's where I'm headed now , off to create but I'll probably chat a bit more before I head up to the torch for the night. In the mean time Here is a scratch and sniff site.  (A funny little forward I recieved today BUT IT'S NOT EXACTLY PROPER!! So I'm warning you now if you don't find "Pull my finger" tongue in cheek type of funnies , funny then you won't like this so don't say I didn't warn you LOL!) More later!


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