Feelling HOT! HOT! HOT!

What a weekend! DH Joe has been kicking butt clearing out the backyard for our big dream backyard plan so basically we ended up with piles and piles of wood that needed to be burned so burn we did. It was a scorcher of a weekend to begin with so while Joe fed the fire I decided to catch some rays while I worked on my next review less than an hour later I'm already in pain and in desperate need of aloe! Needless to say it was a rough night and so I'll be spending the day sitting and beading quietly because anything else I try to do hurts just to darn bad :) I did however get even more new pieces made! I got a rush of creativity, opened up my design book (sketch book of ideas) and just started working away and I'm happy to say that so far all my ideas have worked out as sketched and look gorgeous so I can't wait for you to see them. Marsha is away on vacation for the week so while she's away I promised her I'd take the rest of the pictures she needs to complete my new site so I'll be spending the rest of the week snaping pictures in between completeing orders. On the Lampwork end of things I have found a diamond in the rough of sorts bead and glass shop about 20 mins. drive away from me and boy oh boy! did I come home with lot's of goodies! I found me some gorgeous shades of greens including this Olive green special that I can't wait to try and some hand pulled Coral like color. Once I figure out how to post pictures on my blogger I'll start posting pics of what I'm talking about and new things I'm doing etc. It's been too hot to torch durring day light hours so I have been torching away late at night/early mornings and it will probably stay that way till the end of summer. So now I'm off to sketch out some plan ideas for the new flower beds and outdoor furniture and then I'll put some finished touches on my review before turning it in and then the rest of the evening is back to beading. Stay cool!


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