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The river rocks idea that I was excited to try at the torch turned out awesome! I'm going to add some spacer beads to it tonight and then I haven't decided whether to save it for the buy it now page on the new site or if I should list it on the bay. All of these new creations I have hanging around are driving me crazy too! I absolutely cannot wait for you all to see them! Plus a few other little treats and suprises too! I got some more pictures done today too so those can be ready to go up soon. There are some cool new earrings that match the Terri bracelet that will be going up soon too so for those of you have purchased that bracelet and were wondering when I'd get matching  earrings done their done so e-mail me and I'll shoot over a picture and invoice for you. There is a lot of pieces that will match, for example there will be a lot of new pieces with co-oridinating earrings and bracelets and necklaces so you can get sets and I have them all separate so if you only want only the necklace and earrings or earrings and bracelet then your good to go. ***BIZARRE QUESTION: totally off topic but does anyone know web lingo? what does LYMI stand for like when you sign off TTYL = talk to ya later! but what in the heck does LYMI stand for? Email me with the answer or even your guesses because it's driving me nuts.
Ok enough chit chat out of me for tonight I have to go do some inventory sheets for the pieces that need delivering to the different shops and spas that carry Star Girl Jewelry and then I'm off to the torch to crank out a few orders and squeeze in some little fun extra's in between to make up a few more sets for the buy now page and ebay. I'll probably list one set this weekend sometime and then try to force myself to save the rest for buy it now:) Tomorrow is going to be a big shipping day so look for emails confirming shipment and then keep a look out in your mailbox in the next few days for your items because their headed your way!
Nite nite! 


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