books and such

Not much to report, still just catching up on orders and squeezing in some new design items in between so you'll have lot's of new items to oh and ah over when they go live on the new site :) Today's latest is full of lot's and lot's of silver, sterling, cast, pewter, bali you name it and they look awesome. Plus some new earrings too with swarvoski cubes and bali silver and cherry quartz. Well on the oops end of things I was surfing the net and desided to check in with everyone at the ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers) and got the tip off that "1000 Glass Beads" which isn't technically supposed to be published until Nov. is on sale for $10 at Amazon in the soft cover version so I add to my cart and then start clicking around to check shipping info ect and then decided I'd just put in on my wishlist and come back for it later when I had more time to read up on it and see which of my fellow glassworker friends are in it (coincidentally a lot of them are, horray!) but I got a little click happy by accident, I swear it was, and ta dah! next thing I know I've bought the book. Apparently I forgot that I had all my info saved from my last book binge and so all that clicking just put it through straight-away and so I shall have a new book in the mail soon :) So it was a good mistake actually but I'm sure DH joe will beg to differ lol! So I have some more new silver beads I'm itching to create with and so I'm off for now playing in my beads for a bit before I head over to my torch for the rest of the night. Take Care!


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