Just got home from the luau! We had such a blast and they did such a great job of transforming there house and yard into a Hawaiian getaway plus it's right on the lake so that really set the mood for the party too. The weather held out nicely and it turned into a beautiful afternoon and night. I just pulled the Saturday Giveaway winner! This weeks winner is Jennifer C. Congrats!!! Your going to love these earrings they are gorgeous and comfortable, Enjoy!

I added a new giveaway prize, actually two this time! The winner of the next giveaway will have their choice of either the beautiful earrings or a smaller set of my handmade lampwork beads! I love these beads if I would have thought of it sooner I would have made extra to string into a bracelet for tonight because they are very tropical colors with gorgeous raised flower designs on them.  I've been sporting my very own Terri Bracelet for weeks now. It's my most popular bracelet in my boutique right now and it's very, very comfortable to wear. I'll have earrings to match available soon. The cubes used are the new corner drilled Swarovski's and so far they only available in a few colors but if you email me and want one made with an different color besides the Crystal AB that is shown just ask me and I'll see if the colors you want are available yet because they are adding new colors all the time. 

On the home front we got a lot of yard work done today! It's looking so fantastic I'm exited to see if completed soon. We have the worst weeds that grow everywhere, these things look like they're on steriods! I've been so sick of pulling them and the way the look when I can't get to them in time so we went and purchased beautiful stones and layed down some nice thick plastic to keep the weeds out and put the stones in and Oh what a difference!!! So now we're going to continue with the stones in all the landscaped beds around the house and in the back yard as well and hopefully that'll be the end of those ugly weeds. I hope you all are enjoying your summer and staying cool! It's cooled down quite a bit tonight so I'm going to head up to the studio and play around with some more of my ideas. Down by the River set that I finished up last night will be going up on ebay tomorrow sometime so keep a look out for that! Have a good night!


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