Aloe? Aloe? Is anybody home? ;)

Hooray for Aloe! Feeling so much better since I got my hands on some aloe. I think I might hop off to Lowes in a bit and pick up an Aloe plant to keep in my studio too because those hot bits of glass that go flying sometimes (many times) hit their target...ME! So yes the Aloe plant in the studio is a very good idea a fellow lampworker friend of mine shared with me. So I was definitly more productive later yesterday and so far today. Marsha is out of town until this coming weekend and then if all goes well and the pictures look good the new website will be coming together to completion pretty quickly! I'm so excited,I can't wait! I'm getting very antsy waiting for you all to see all the new items that I've created in the past several weeks. On a fun note: Yippy! I'm caught up with my lampwork orders finally! So before the next slew of orders can get to me I'm going to have a freebie night at the torch! I'm still addicted to making vessels and "organic" shaped beads tonight I think I"m going to make some river rocks inspired beads. I feel like I need to keep trying new things so I don't get into a rut of making the same sets over and over again and just switching out the colors to make the look "different." Lampworkers in my opinion need to expand themselves every once in a while because often times we tend to get trapped in our comfort zone of bead making.So I enjoy my fun free for all torch times and try to work new items and designs. Hopefully, I'll have quite a bit of buy it now items for the lampwork page for you guys by the time Marsha returns! That's what I'm aiming for at least :)


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