Pictures, pictures & more pictures.

I've been working away trying to get the most perfect looking pictures of new items and past items for the big website update. It's a big fat pain in the butt but kinda of fun setting up a mock photo shoot layout :) So no major updates for today except that I got a little bored and filled out my blogger profile, I'm a dork I know and there's not really anything on there that I haven't included in my about me page...well maybe a few things... yeah, ok the jig is up I can be a bit of a goof ball sometimes:) oh well, ya gotta have fun sometimes! Keep a look out on your inbox this morning, there's a new newsletter with a few updates but mostly you'll have to browse through out the site to see them because I've been adding new items here and there. Lot's of summery colors and cool stones. Turquoise is still and as far as I'm concerned will always be a hot item to have in your wardrobe, it just looks good with everything! Pink is still a big one this season as well and that Rose quartz and Strawberry Quartz is just gorgeous. So anyhow lot's of picture taking going on around here so there will be even more new items to see coming very soon.


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