New web site work

Sorry it's been while, I don't know if everyone knows but the website is getting a complete and major overhaul with a completely different look, easier navigation, clearer and better pictures and LOT'S of new items and features! I've been super busy gathering new ideas and figuring things out for the new site and working with my good friend Marsha who also happens to be an extremely talented Web site designer who is cranking out major hours working on my new site. You'll also be able to reach the site through the current URL or!!! Hopefully soon once all the work is complete both URLS will be connected (sort of hard to explain) but basically it's going to be really really cool! I'm really excited about it and can't wait for you all to see and hear what you think of the new look and change:) So anyhow I've been busy filling orders and also creating lot's of new items that will hopefully be up soon! This week I'll be working really hard on retaking a lot of pics and taking pics of new items for the new site, it'll be really cool and making shopping for you much easier, I really think you will all be very pleased with the changes and you'll be able to see much better details in all the pieces it'll be great! So I'll leave it here for now but keep a look out for new items going up soon and I even have some gorgeous sparkly new pieces for the Bridal Collections I can't wait for you to see!


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