New Items are up!

and there are many more on the way! I had this one necklace that is absolutely the most gorgeous necklace ever, (just my humble opinion of course lol!) I named it Kissed by a Rose it started out as a custom order for my mom which then became that my aunt wanted two of them one with purple crystals and one with pinks and so then I thought "Ok I'll put it up in my photo gallery as a custom piece because it's on that I"m really proud of." which instantly I began receiving emails requesting it so here's the deal , I've added it to my regular necklace collection and will keep taking orders for it because it is truly a stunning piece. They will be made per order not kept in stock because these are HUGE faceted Rose quartz rounds and one big momma of a carved Rose Quartz flower pendant! Also I altered the Sunset Strip necklace so it has a better picture because that is another beauty of a necklace that is a popular one this season. I also added some new earrings, chandelier style (will they ever go out of style? I doubt it they are just too gorgeous!) So next up is to continue getting pictures taken of the rest of the goodies so I can get those up for you to see as well. It's a beautiful day (finally!) so I'm going to go take advantage of it and get some good pictures taken and enjoy myself outside for a bit before I hole up in the studio again for the night. PS. Did you notice on my blog you can submit comments to me!? yup you can! So go ahead and send me a message, hopefully a nice one :) Also you can use it to send me color combinations you'd like to see in both my jewelry and lampwork beads or to make a suggestion for the site or just to say "Hi!."


wobbeegone said…
ROtten buttons!
Star*Girl said…
I still say I like them!

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