New Blogger

Hey everyone, I decided to go with a blogger so I wouldn't have to go into my site editor every time I felt like having a chat. Now I will be able to keep you all updated more often. I may need to still mess around with the blogger to get the bugs out and make sure I know what I'm doing LOL! I've been working on some really cool pieces, working with pinks and turquoise for some new necklaces, a really pretty new crystal and pearl spider like bridal necklace that I'll be getting some pictures of soon and a whole lotta lampwork. New lampwork is going to be going up on the buy now page as soon as I finish catching up with custom lamp orders. I'll have really pretty vessels and new sets up there and some larger focals also. Plus as soon as I get a free moment to start on some pillow pressed beads you'll get to see how fun those look and purchase those as well. Joe finished my new Glass Rod organizing box and I painted it minty green and lavender and next I'm going to stencil and free hand some pretty designs on it and then I'll post some pictures. He's working on box #2 that will hold even more glass and stack nicely on top of box #1 and another box with smaller tubes for stringers will be step #3 I'm really excited about that. So now I'm heading off to pull another all nighter at the torch to get some work done so you guys can all get your beads by the end of the week hopefully.


wobbeegone said…
Yeah yeah yeah, just link it to your site.
Star*Girl said…
There! I did it! yippy! pretty cool right?! Now get going on my new siteand quit leaving me obscene messages. LOL!

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