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Congratulations to Polly Raymo for winning the Saturday Giveaway this week! I have a new giveaway piece up and the next drawing for these earrings will be July 3rd. I wasn't sure if I should have put it off and waiting for the following weekend in case many of you are gone for the 4th of July weekend but I figured I'd be gone that weekend as well so I'll just pull a winner on Monday night or before I leave Friday not sure yet. This past week I've been trying to work on something different everday and I will be doing it again this coming week here's what I mean : I've been so busy with custom orders and filling regular jewelry orders and bridal which has been great I love to be kept busy but I've worked out a schedule with myself this past week so that I can create new items for the different categories. So as soon as I get pictures taken of everything you'll see that I have created quite a few new beaded bookmarks, more bracelets and few necklaces, some more earrings and tah dah! Foot Jewelry!!!! I have had quite a lot of people write in asking for foot jewelry again so I'm bringing it back to the Misc. area of the site. I'll also be working on more foot jewelry and rings this week as well. I won't be starting any of the custom lampwork orders that i've gotten over the weekend until tomorrow so tonight for the first time in a long time I have my torch all to myself to just play around with some new glass that I haven't gotten to use yet and my new Zoozi pillowpress tool! So I'm excited to just sit and create whatever comes to mind. I've been leaning more towards more vessels and LARGE Focals because I've been making bead sets non stop and so I'm looking forward to a little change. I'll try to sneak some smaller sets for the buy it now page for those set lovers too though so no worries hopefully there will be a little something for everyone :)


wobbeegone said…
Did you say LARGE focals?

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