Clearance Corner update

Ok how many times am I going to bug you today? well now it's just so easy but I really think this may be the last time you hear from me for a day or so because tomorrow is a long day starting out with helping to set up for and walk the Relay for Life and then a wedding to attend out of town and then rush back to walk some more on the night shift which I really looking forward to, it's a cause that is near and dear to me and there is a huge group of friends getting together so it should be fun as well! So here's the deal with this last final blog for the night. I just put up several items on the Clearance Corner, Necklaces, Earrings and Lampwork Jewelry collections. If you've signed up for my newsletter then you already know this but just in case this blogs for you! I will have new items on the Lampwork instant gratification pages going up soon but I have to finish up some bead orders first and then I can finish up the other cool thing I've been working on. Also more bridal pieces coming very soon. Also for a quick update on the Wall Mural COntest: Deadline for submission is Sunday night at midnight and then I will give you all the thumbs up to start emailing me with your votes, how's that sound? I'm so excited I cannot wait to see what you all choose and to get painting! I'll let you all know when the painting begins and I'll post progress pics on my Studio page. PS. Two new auctions (lampwork bead set & a vessel and bead set) going up on ebay this weekend!Hopefully tomorrow sometime if I can squeeze it in.
Have a Great Weekend!!!!


Star*Girl said…
shout out to Marsha my dear friend and web mistress who is the one that I stole the Instant Gratification name to call that page because I couldn't think of anything other than buy it now but that didn't make any sense because you can buy it now with everything on my site so I heard her say Instant Gratification beads and so be it!Thank you Marsha!!!!! So now I just have to finish up beads to go on. Ok so now really , this is it for the night no more messages.

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