Bridal updates and more

Quick update to say I'm still working away on new design ideas. Also I'll have some more tiara and headpieces coming in so I'll get pictures of those soon too added to the collection. One of my most favorite things about creating jewelry is working with swarovski crystals they are just so gorgeous and come all shapes and colors and sizes so when I get a new shipment of goodies my mind goes into overload and my sketch book starts to fill up with ideas faster and faster, which is a good thing! :) On the lampwork front I'm glad to hear that you all are enjoying that I finally added prices to my gallery pictures and set up my lampwork collection differently I hadn't realized how confusing it could be before so I'm glad I made the changes. My friend Marsha who's creating a work of art for me at the moment with a new look for my site is working with me to not only make every aspect and navigation of my site 100 times better but taking special care with my lampwork collection so keep a look out for some MAJOR improvements all around! I'm really really excited about it! I can't wait to hear feedback about it too. The weather is warming up to the extreme this week. Part of me has been wanting to bask in the sun and relax but I get so bored and antsy and I'd rather be indoors with the AC cranking and my fingers digging through beads or twirling hot glass around a mandrel so I never end up staying away from the studio long enough to even get the slightest tan line lol! I've also been working on a new way to take pictures and it's MUCH MUCH better. First off let me just say whenever you buy any types of techie gadgets like a digital camera take the time to read through the manual. I'm the type of person who tosses these things aside and just goes for it and then gets mad when the darn thing won't do what I want it too. Well the past few months I've been reading up and researching and really putting my time in with taking pictures and it's working out so much better this because I never knew I could do half the things I can with this camera and I could have known all this 7 months ago when I got it! So I'm just excited and hope you all like the turn out of all the new changes that are on the way:)


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