Anniversary weekend

Yesterday Joe and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary!!! Time sure does fly! :) Today it's back to work for me I've been in the studio most of the day and since the big Piston's game is on tonight I'm sure I won't see much of Joe so I'll be heading back up to work some more lol!! I'll be getting some pictures of the cool glass organizer box that he made me now that's it's painted all pretty and soooo much better for keeping my glass under control, my work area is much better organized. It's been rainy and gloomy out so hopefully the weather brightens up a bit so I can also get some more good pictures of new jewelry up and going. I have some GORGEOUs new bracelets I can't wait for you all to see!


wobbeegone said…
OH MY GOSH! I totally forgot to say Happy, jeez I can't believe I married this guy day!

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