Life & Little Things...Playing catch up!

I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged last! How did that happen?! This will have to be a hodge podge catch up post and then hopefully I can get my booty in gear and stay on track without such a ridiculous gap between postings lol! 

The hubby and I celebrated out 2 year wedding anniversary at a Foo Fighters Concert and it totally rocked per usual! They never disappoint :) 

Back to school and picture day happened and these two cuties just got their pics back :) 3rd & 8th grade is motoring along. Seems crazy that Thanksgiving break is already coming up!

Random and rare selfie lol! but I was super excited about my new hat!

Sweater weather is officially here and I am perfectly ok with it! Mornings and evenings spent cozied up working on knitting things...

I'm OBSESSED with these project bags from Home Row Fiber seriously obsessed, they are absolutely gorgeous!

We've been randomly finding these little fuzzy guys everywhere!

 I recorded a commercial for my local radio station and had a BLAST! not going to lie I was so nervous at first I thought I would pee my pants lol! BUT OMG so much fun! 

I wasn't sure if I ever posted pics of my Unicorn KAL shawl. This was such a fun knit along and the end result is just stunning! Of all my shawls I find myself reaching for this one the most!

and like I said...SWEATER WEATHER!! Yay! My radiate sweater is almost done! I feel like I've been on sleeve island for forever! but I'm seeing the finish line on the final sleeve and then I can block and enjoy it! I can't wait! It's so soft and warm and squishy!

Some Halloween fun and random snaps...

My studio time has been mostly to catch up on orders lately but I have squeezed in some play time for new things! I really love the way these mandala and Jasper earrings turned out!

Noah's socks flew off my needles in like 5 days which is unheard of for me as I usually need a break by the time I finish one sock but this yarn was so much fun to work with and they fit perfectly and he LOVES them! and that makes so happy! Theres just something about knitting something for a "knit worthy" recipient that makes me happy. So I think I might have to knit him up some more! 

Finished my Mad Tosh poof hat and I don't think I've taken it off my head since I got it off the needles. Mad Tosh never disappoints. The quality and colors of her yarn is just perfection. 

We decided to skip school for a movie date for some Goosebumps and it was such a fun movie!

And first thing I did once Halloween was over was cast on some Christmas Socks lol! I couldn't wait! I love this Whoville color way! Usually it takes until after Thanksgiving for me to feel festive but this year I'm feeling it! lol!

Next shawl  on the needles will be the Girlfriends Best Friend and I picked up this Chelsea LuXe kit and I can't stop drooling over how gorgeous and luxurious this yarn is!

So there you have it! A super condense "Catch up"  post :) 
Blogging doesn't seem as popular anymore but I love it and love my little sharing space on the web so I don't think I'll ever stop blogging even if I am a slacker at it sometimes lol! You can find my daily happenings over on Instagram @stargirljewelry but my Life & Little Things posts will continue here on the blog :) 
Thanks for stopping by and catching up with me! Leave me a comment on what crafty things you are working on and what's new with you?! I'd love to hear from you!


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