Life & Little Things...Over the Moon

A couple of weeks ago, on a random Tuesday morning, I rolled out of bed started my day to a beautiful blanket of snow, was led outside by Mr. Handsome and surprised in the most romantic and sweetest way...I said YES! (duh!) 

I don't think I've stopped smiling since :) 

Gift from my mom :)

We also celebrated this little lovebugs 17th birthday and my (future) brother in law and his family welcomed a baby boy into the world and let me tell ya folks, new baby smell and baby snuggles is one of my favorite things so I can't wait to squish and oooh and aaaah and use my ultra sonic high pitch baby communicator voice on my new nephew :))))

In the studio: I've been working on some up cycled leather belts turned cuffs and Mr. Handsome got one with a gemmy labradorite slab on his...

I can't stop petting this gorgeous tooled leather...

and this handsome guy went to his first school dance and had a complete blast :)

My life & little things are full of blessings...
and we are over the moon excited :)


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